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I have spent a lot of time exploring by throwing myself into various adventures like sports, international travel, science, dance, other creative pursuits, and likely far too many different jobs. Fortunately these experiences would eventually join forces to help me find my way into the education field.

With an M.Ed. from the University of Texas in Austin and several years in the public school district  behind me, I now work in adult education supporting diverse learners inside and outside the classroom. It’s both exhausting and energizing and I’m glad I do it.

A couple of years ago I had an opportunity through my work at Holyoke Community College in Western MA to learn how to use Moodle, a popular learning management system (LMS), after which I was asked to write content for and design a fully online course intended for those needing an extra leg up as they transitioned to college. I loved the work and decided that I want to learn more about instructional technology design, with the hopes of incorporating those skills into my work in adult education students. I’m no artist, but I love the design aspect and look forward to becoming more proficient in that area. I look forward to completing my graduate certificate in Instructional Technology Design at UMass Boston in August 2020. My favorite subject to teach is pre-college math and I aspire to create a web site someday that will help both adults and kids learn basic math and understand its applications.

My all-time favorite part of the day, is early evening when I am with my amazing wife and our fabulous eight year-old daughter. We relax, laugh, play, eat snacks, share stories, romp, steal each others’ pillows and snuggle.


I am a program manager and adult basic education teacher and advisor with experience in developing outreach programs, personnel recruitment & management, and building stakeholder relationships. Experience in ELA, math and science elementary and community college instruction, academic coaching and outreach. Extensive experience teaching and assessing the needs of underserved students and analyzing the effectiveness of educational and nonprofit services in cross-cultural settings. Effective communicator, strategic thinker, and works well individually or on a team. Conversational Spanish.

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