Everyone Deserves an Education-Including YOU

If you have ever had negative experiences in the classroom, no matter at what age, I feel deeply troubled that the system did not do more for you. Absolutely everyone, including YOU, the reader, deserves a high-quality education.

You deserve to be supported in your personal social, creative and intellectual development and exploration.

You deserve to reveal your natural talents and ultimately decide what works for you.

If you hear it communicated enough, it’s easy to think that you lack intelligence and potential. And if that’s the case, it’s hard to take risk, return to the classroom and thrive. It’s hard work, frustrating at times without which you would not enjoy your sense of achievement.

You are no less gifted that a person with a college degree, money or status. On the contrary, you have worked hard to survive, problem solve and think on your feet. These are transferable skills that will help you succeed in any educational environment and beyond into the workforce.

There are many opportunities out there, even when they seem so far out of your reach. “Education” takes on many valid forms including college and job skills training. There is funding and financially accessible institutions of high quality with faculty, staff and administrators who do what they do because they both love teaching and work to support equity.

Many of those same people have struggled like you, persevered, made positive changes and have come full circle to help you do the same.

Any decent teachers are humble, acknowledges their mistakes and shortcomings, and know that education is a team effort. They know that they have as much to learn from you as student, as you do from them. I have made mistakes many times over in front of the whole class, but as long as I try, my students are forgiving, accepting of my humanity and delightfully playful.

It took me a long time to get here, but teaching is by far the best job I have ever had. Sincere thanks to you all, my students. You are my teachers.

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