Does College Feel Like a Distant Dream?

You can find your way step-by-step

For many of us, a college education feels too far beyond our reach. We have had negative experiences in the classroom, don’t feel smart, were pushed out of high school, have children and several jobs or feel like it’s too late…IT’S NEVER TOO LATE.

I have had the pleasure of working in adult and community college education for the past several years, beginng with ESOL in Austin, TX, then after relocating to Western Massachusetts onto HiSET (high school equivalency test) teaching pre-college math and English language arts (ELA) and finally coordinating a transition to college program and now academic advising.

I greatly respect and admire those who challenge themselves to return to the classroom and forge ahead. Students teach me as much or more as I hope to teach them.

It makes sense to me that myself having experienced trouble in school and questioning my own value and intelligence has brought me full circle to supporting learners in a way that I would have helped me thrive. I’d like to think and do hope that my personal experience helps me connect with my students.

My recent return to the University of Massachusetts at Boston to complete a certificate in Instructional Technology Design has helped me remember how challenging and yet exciting it is to be a student again.

I hope you, as a current or future student discover your talents and recognize your personal intelligence and learning styles (of which there are many expressions) and know that you arrive in the classroom with much to offer.

Be well and keep your feet moving even when it’s hard.

You have done it before.

Check out the Transition to Community College Program Contact List from MA Dept of Elementary & Secondary Education DESE).

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