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Health, Safety and Inequity-In times of COVID:

It’s compelling to learn how much my community college students have to overcome just to arrive in class, let alone concentrate. And now, during COVID, I see them losing jobs, then taking what’s available, including at risk their own well-being to deliver groceries to those that can afford the extra fee. Cleary COVID itself doesn’t Read More

Writing Papers on Cell Phones:

Email first surfaced when I was in college (1990ish) and I remember crossing my fingers for a message from my boyfriend who was living several states away. At the time I was also very excited to talk on the phone on my front porch, a monolithic thirty feet from its cradle in the kitchen. Ours Read More

Equity-The Dire Lack of

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Math Anxiety is Real!

Have you ever avoided math becasue you think you can’t do it? So many of my adult education students (many of whom have been out of the classroom for a long while) underestimate their abilty to learn math. Please know that not only can you learn, but that you come to the classroom with a Read More

Does college feel like a distant dream?

For many of us, a college education feels too far beyond our reach. We have had negative experiences in the classroom, don’t feel smart, were pushed out of high school, have children and several jobs or feel ike it’s too late…IT’S NEVER TOO LATE. I have had the pleasure of working in adult and community Read More

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